Update News

There is good news about updating FaxAction! The bullet has been bitten, the line has been drawn, the die has been cast, the Jello has set, the dust has settled, the votes have been counted, the ……well you get the picture. For the details see the FaxAction1.5 release notes.

For those of you still using FaxPort versions 6 or 7, 3Com (who now owns FaxPort) is offering rebates for upgrading to version 8. The rebates are $75 per port for version 6 users and $100 per port for version 7 users. CTI will provide FaxPort at cost (roughly $340 per port) in order to make it as easy as possible for you to upgrade to the most recent version. Information about the rebate program can be found here. Let us know ASAP if you would like to participate in this program and we will place the order before the 3Com deadline.

While you are at it, update the OCR software!!

It’s not just about faxes you know…..!

FaxAction Input Server will receive Faxes, TIFF files, TXT files, and both POP and MAPI emails! It gets even crazier: If your Mac users have been threatening to go to the ACLU because they can’t access FaxAction, you won’t need an attorney! There is a Mac Client for FaxAction, alive and working at several DTI sites around the country!

Imagine: A potential newspaper advertiser, gets a new Mac, wants to sell his old Mac, takes a picture with his digital camera, emails in his ad, with the picture attached. The Mac operator at the paper receives the email, saves the attached picture of the MAC to the graphics directory where all the graphics linked to the Classified front end are stored and submits the ad. No more scanning, tracking unlabeled pictures, or ACLU!

One site reports a third of the records input to the FA server are not faxes!

Tips and Tricks

Some sites have reported they are renumbering their IP addresses. This is just about as gruesome as reorganizing your Classified Class numbers.

Speaking of scheduling: Backups are always a nice thing to have scheduled.


Please email us if you think you can user your FA server to handle a job a better way.

Do you keep stats on the usage of you server, please email if you have some numbers (or tricks for compiling them) to share!