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Newspaper Services

CTI has extensive knowledge of the SII Advertising and Editorial systems with special emphasis on:

bulletProject management
bulletRequirement gathering and specification writing
bulletDatabase customization (files, structures, forms, lists)
bulletMTX and AMTX (use, installation, customization)
bulletCoyote XE/XA (use, installation, customization)
bulletCZAR and CZAR II
bulletCPL and RGEN
bulletInterim system management

We are also available to assist with the evaluation and selection of publishing software

Hourly and bulk rates available

Training Services

Seminars, workshops and custom classes on SII products and software can be designed based on the following skill set:

bulletSystem Management
bulletDatabase Management
bulletSite Customization
bulletEditorial Management

Please contact us for suggested outlines of on-site seminars. These seminars vary in length from 2 to 5 days and cover such topics as File Management and the Q utility.

In addition, we offer custom on-site System Management Refresher courses that include reviews of daily, weekly, monthly and emergency procedures.

Hourly and package rates available

General Consulting

Competent Technologies, Inc. has expertise in the following software products:

bulletVisual Basic.Net
bulletn-Tier architecture using Microsoft.NET
bulletVisual Basic 6.0
bulletRealBasic (for Macintosh development)
bulletC, C++ and Visual C++
bulletREXX and VX-REXX
bulletSQL (ODBC, SQL Server, Oracle)
bulletCrystal Reports
bulletWindows Server Platforms

Home encompass Support Services What's New About CTI