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Press Release

April 10, 2003


Competent Technologies, Inc. and Socratek announce a new partnership and expanded product line offering

Socratek and Competent Technologies, Inc. have partnered to provide encompass, an Enterprise Workflow Server, to Media companies in Great Britain and Europe.

encompass is a content collection and management system that both automates and centralizes the intake, translation, routing and storage of electronic communication for any or all departments at a paper/publication. The encompass suite of products builds upon the proven solution FaxAction, installed at over 20 newspapers in the United States. The product has been completely modularized to allow sites to select individual solutions and add to them as new opportunities and challenges arise. The FaxAction fax module has become encompass:fax and the email module, encompass:mail. These are just two of the modules that make up the encompass product line which supports not only fax technology and emails, but attachments, web forms, FTP file transfers, voice mails, and scanned images.

"We’ve had several requests from publishing groups in London to look at the product line but first we wanted to team up with a local technology company that would understand the requirements of the industry in Europe.”, said Karl Costenbader, President and Chief Technology Officer of Competent Technologies, Inc. "Socratek is a perfect match as they have substantial experience working at, and with, large London based publications."

"The media industry here has been looking for ways to streamline data acquisition, workflow and storage and encompass is a proven solution,", says Kevin Ward, President and Founder of Socratek, "Additionally, encompass has an immediate positive impact on customer satisfaction by returning immediate receipts to their e-mails and faxes. Work is simplified for IT staff by having one tool that seamlessly interfaces to any of their internal systems."

Socratek (www.socratek.co.uk) is a technology company based in London focused on providing innovative software tools to the Media industry.

Competent Technologies, Inc. is a software development company that focuses on building products that enhance front end systems and provides custom software applications to publishers around the world. Additional information can be found at www.competent.com.

For sales and marketing information or to arrange an online product demonstration please contact: Kevin Ward at kevin.ward@easynet.co.uk.