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Press Release

December 20, 2000


Competent Consulting announces two significant changes in company focus and product development.  

Effective this fall, Competent Consulting has become Competent Technologies, Inc. (CTI).

“The incorporation of the company and the subsequent name change more accurately reflect the current focus we have on product development.” Says Erin Gall, Vice-president of CTI. “Although we still offer consulting, training and site customization, recently there has been a tremendous demand for us to provide products that add value and completeness to front-end publishing systems.” 

In conjunction with the incorporation Competent Technologies, Inc. has expanded their responsibilities with FaxAction, a product that was originally developed by Competent Consulting in 1996 as a joint venture with NOVA Publishing Products of Auburn, California. Product installation and support, previously done by NOVA, is now provided by Competent Technologies, Inc. FaxAction can still be purchased through NOVA Publishing Products. (Contact: Jan McDonald at 530-887-1795).

This change allows for greatly enhanced support of FaxAction. A toll free number to call for support has been added along with support staff who have used and administered FaxAction at newspapers for over 3 years.  Starting in the first quarter of next year, updates and upgrades will be sent out on CD’s in periodic increments, making it easier for sites to manage their own databases. 

Commenting on the changes, Karl Costenbader, President of the company and original designer and developer of FaxAction, says: “Having full control over the product allows the customers to have more interaction with us for faster response time with questions. It also allows us to improve the product based on customer feedback more quickly and with greater precision.” 

FaxAction is a customer communication management product that handles fax, Email, web site, and other data-oriented communication with a newspaper’s customers. FaxAction is currently installed at 23 newspaper sites that use a diverse mix of publishing systems. FaxAction is fully integrated with, and installed at, sites that use SII, DTI, APT and Harris front-end systems and supports Windows, MAC and OS/2 clients. A Unisys interface is currently in development.

Competent Technologies, Inc. is a software development company focused on building products that enhance front-end systems. CTI also provides consulting, training and site customization services. Additional information about FaxAction and other products and services can be found on http://www.competent.com or by contacting Competent Technologies, Inc. at the above address and phone or by sending an e-mail to info@competent.com.

Note: FaxAction is a trademark of Competent Technologies, Inc. Other product names mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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