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Press Releases & Newsletters

These are recent press releases and newsletters which highlight Competent Technologies, Inc. and/or our products:

bulletMactive, Inc. and CTI form new partnership
bulletSocratek to sell encompass in Great Britain and Europe
bulletThe Washington Times purchases encompass
bulletTools4Media and CTI form new partnership
bulletManaging Editor, Inc. to resell FaxAction worldwide
bulletFaxAction installed at three new sites
bulletFaxAction Support Newsletter - January 2001
bulletCompetent Consulting becomes Competent Technologies, Inc.

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Completed Projects

Some of the projects that CTI has completed in the past few years include:

Conversion of London-based Associated Newspaper's SII system from a highly customized standard advertising system to SII's CZAR II advertising system. In conjunction with this project, the entire system was prepared for the Year 2000 and CTI assisted with the system development for Associated's new Metro publication.

Assisted HomeStore.com with several projects, including data conversion and web page development for the remodeling section of their web site.

Designed and implemented an automated method for exporting classified ads, including marked up text, from SII systems to Knight-Ridder's RealClassifieds web site in XML format.

Developed an automated system for Knight-Ridder's HomeHunter.com web site (now merged with other sites) which extracted information from Real Estate Multiple Listing Services and web sites around the country, normalized the data, and transferred the images and cleaned data to the main HomeHunter web site.

Designed and prototyped the Coyote/3 XA and XE user interface for System Integrators, Inc.

Provided the San Jose Mercury News with a set of conversion programs to convert from SII's Standard Advertising system to CZAR II. In addition, a product was provided that automatically synchronizes ads on two different SII logical systems.

Provided advice and assistance with various CZAR advertising system projects at the Tampa Tribune, including the addition of multiple publications and planning for the Year 2000 upgrade.

Performed miscellaneous advertising system consulting tasks for the Chicago Tribune, including writing CPL code to drip-feed display ads to the CCI system as they are entered or modified on the SII system.

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