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The Goal

To provide tools and technology to the publishing industry to help increase revenue and provide better customer service while decreasing costs.

The Company

Competent Technologies, Inc. was originally established as Competent Consulting in 1994 to provide software and services to the publishing industry. In September 2000, Competent Consulting became Competent Technologies, Inc. in order to provide additional products to the publishing industry.

The Principals

Karl Costenbader

Karl started as an Application Engineer at SII in 1988 installing and customizing CZAR systems around the world. Karl then moved to R&D where he became an Advertising software expert designing CZAR, CZAR II, and assisting in the design of AMTX. Karl was the R&D Manager of the Advertising group where he was responsible for the entire SII Advertising product line. 

After starting Competent Consulting in 1994, Karl served as a consultant to SII where he designed and initiated development on SIIís Coyote XE/XA product. He has also designed products and provided services to the Internet industry, working closely with Realtor.com, HomeHunter, and RealClassifieds. Karl is also active in the publishing industry, serving on the NAA Classified Advertising Standards Task Force since its inception in 1998.

Erin Gall

Erin started at SII in 1984 in Educational Services where she developed and taught System Management, Database Management, RGEN and LASR classes for 8 years. During these years she also did installations around the world. She was then Technical Director for major accounts, followed by time in Sales Support. Subsequently, Erin held two positions in Marketing, Manager of Product Directions and Manager of Worldwide Communications.

Since leaving SII, Erin has continued to provide customized training courses and most recently managed the Associated Newspapers (London) Year 2000 conversion project.

Home encompass Support Services What's New About CTI